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pay day

October 5th, 2006 at 10:56 am

So tomorrow is pay day. And I hope to pay all the of the months bills with my husband's paycheck. He'll recieve another paycheck in two weeks and hopefully I can apply that directly to savings and/or CC bills.

This is what gets paid with one paycheck:
Mortgage 1100.00
Gas 25.00
Sallie Mae school loan #1 55.00
Cable/phone/internet 152.00
Discover CC 175.00
Sallie Mae school loan #2 200.00
Medical Bill 60.00
Truck Payment 100.00
Auto insurance 112.00
Sallie Mae CC 125.00

for a total of 2101.00
should have around 800 left over for gas and groceries. Looks like a good month all around. We'll close on our house on the 31st and then pay off the 8000.00 CC and then put the rest on the 11,000.00 CC. Leaving us with $7000 in CC debt. If I use the snowballing I was using, I could have this amount paid off in 7 months. Paying around 1000 a month on it. Boy that sounds exciting! To be 100% CC free in 8 months! Wow!

My next goal is to pay off my student loan and my husband's truck in 2 years. For a total of 16,000.00. I think it is possible and I will keep my eyes on the prize! Debt FREE!

1 Responses to “pay day”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    You are really turning things around! YEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH YOU!!!

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