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Friday night

September 7th, 2007 at 06:21 pm

I've been through all of my bills and paid everyone for September! Woooohoooo! That is fantastic! I have also paid some bills for October.

Bills for October
Rent - $800.00 pd half already -$400
Cell Phone $52.00
Van payment- $435.00
Power- $250.00
Sallie Mae-A- $55.00 - PAID
BOA-CC - $100.00
Discover - $100.00
Sallie Mae CC- $100.00
Truck Payment - $100.00
Car Insurance- $135.00
Sallie Mae-A- $200.00
Life Insurance- $64.00-PAID

These are the fixed bills, groceries and gas will also fit in there somewhere. I am trying to get my DH to not take so many handyman jobs as I've decided I'd rather be in debt a little while longer than lose my sanity and my marriage. I hope he sees it the same way I do.

Balance on CC's as of 9/7/07
SM- 6882.00
Discover- 159.00

That does count what I just paid in for the month of September. Smile Looks like it's going well. DH isn't expecting a bonus check next month so with his checks the rest of this month I am hoping to pay all of October's bills or at least get a BIG jump on them.
I've also decided that I HAVE to start contributing to our IRA's and my children's 529 plans. I will put $50 a month into each of our IRA's and $25 into each child's 529 plan and $25 into their savings accts- (they do not know they have , nor will they and they will be used for college expenses).
All in all, everything looks like it's on the up and up. DH is in Indiana this evening for his grandmother's funeral, will be home tomorrow evening late. I'm thinking the kids and I should go to a park tomorrow. I've got laundry to do and I will wait to do it tomorrow so I can hang it to dry and save money!

Uneventful evening, and for that I am thankful.

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