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Debt balance

September 10th, 2007 at 04:28 pm

Toyota-Adam 7.20% $10,976.01

Honda-Amber *lease* $27,150.00

Sallie Mae Credit Card 0.00% $6,882.00

Sallie Mae-Adam 8.00% $18,206.08

Sallie Mae-Amber 3.37% $1,574.59

Barb and Dave 0.00% $2,700.00

Bank of America CC 10.48% $959.47

Discover 10.24% $359.31

This is my debt balance! Whew! Where to begin.
We cleaned out our piggy banks- I deposited $20 into each kids ING account. Left over was $113.36. $50 was sent to the Discover. And another $40 was sent to the EF.
I'm leaving some in the checking account as a cushion for gas and unforeseen groceries.

Dh has class tomorrow night and then Wednesday a pressure washing job which will hopefully bring in around $40. He will take $10 for himself.

I'd like to take that $40 and apply it to the Discover card...I'd like that to be paid off by the end of the month.

Ah...my goals. I WILL reach them one day!

4 Responses to “Debt balance”

  1. reflectionite Says:

    you're doing great. before you know it you'll have hardly any debt left!
    the first step is getting it out in the open and setting goals. i find it so much easier when im blogging on here because i feel like i have to stick to my goals, otherwise i'm letting people down. of course im not actually letting anyone down, but i like the support you get from people here when you achieve a goal.

  2. Carolina Bound Says:

    Pay off that Discover card first and then Bank of America. Then you can sock it to the others. Any chance you can switch the $18,000 on Sallie Mae to a card with lower interest?

  3. Ima saver Says:

    You can do it!!

  4. amberbamber Says:

    The $18,000 Sallie Mae is my DH's school loan. Once we get all the CC's paid off, I will start taking chucks of it to a VERY low interest CC and break away at the amount!

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