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Two options for the van

September 20th, 2007 at 05:05 pm

I've checked with our credit union on a lease buyout to purchase the van. It would be a 72 month loan at 7.49% I've also checked with the bank that we hold the lease with...they will get back with me tomorrow. I'm really hoping that one of these institutions will come through. At the credit union our payment would only go up $30 a month. Which we can handle. So that would be great to know that we own the van and can drive it until it dies!

Dh got paid 1320.40
Paid other half of rent $400-$37.00= $363
Cell phone = 51.54

Will wait to pay van payment until later in the month to see if this loan thing works out. Otherwise that is $435 that I can throw into savings for a payment in the future or throw it onto a credit card.

It's been Spirit Week this week at my kindergarteners' school! Tomorrow is wear your favorite team shirt! Go Purdue! Smile

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