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CC balances update

October 7th, 2007 at 08:47 am

Ugh- we're slipping. It feels like a black hole that I'm inching out of, then I see light at the end of it, but then I slip and fall 2x further down than I feel I was. It will end, it will end, keep repeating to self.

BOA CC- 2664.23 @ 15.24%
MBNA CC- 6776.09 @ 7.9%
Discover CC- 558.80 @ 10.24%

Where to begin. I'm throwing everything I can at the Discover, just to have it paid off. Then next will obviously be the BOA.

Hopefully my DH will have the floors he's working on finished soon and that will be around $1000 to throw completely at the BOA- if the Discover is paid off. And a check for $300 should be coming in for work he did yesterday. That will go 100% to the Discover.

Grocery shopping tonight...I have a budget of $150 for the rest of the month. Think I can do it!?

1 Responses to “CC balances update”

  1. campfrugal Says:

    You can do it, but I have the same feeling of never getting things paid off. Just when you get ahead, something else comes up. We have to keep going for our goals.

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